Young Men

by Jennah Barry

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Erik Olan-Rodriguez
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Erik Olan-Rodriguez A continues sense of calm strength and loveliness through out. A great artist with so much talent. Favorite track: Slow Dance.
Kent Sparling
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Kent Sparling Great writing, beautiful voice, lovely recording and production; one of those surprises you discover in some corner of the internet which restores your faith in good records still being made. Thanks Jennah for the music. Favorite track: Black Hole.
Joan Baró
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Joan Baró Precious music, sweet, heart-warming and beautifully crafted... Thank you, Jennah. Favorite track: Slow Dance.


Recorded at the Old Confidence Lodge in Riverport, NS
All songs written by Jennah Barry


released May 25, 2012

Colin Nealis - Bass, Strings, Vocals
David Barry - Electric Guitar
Michael Eckert - Pedal Steel
Galen Pelley - Drums
Liam Frier - Guitar
Olivier Clements - Flugel
Old Man Luedecke - Banjo
Jennah Barry - Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Nord, Horns, Glockenspeil

Produced by Colin Nealis with Diego and Jennah
Recorded and Mixed by Diego Medina
Mastered by JJ Golden - Golden Mastering, Ventura California
Art Work by Anna Bald, Lahave NS

Thank you everybody!!!!


all rights reserved



Jennah Barry South Shore, Nova Scotia

From the South Shore of Nova Scotia, Jennah Barry is a singer, songwriter and musician.


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Track Name: The Coast
We started on the wrong foot and layed it on the line
Made it with the best daughters and left the rest behind
Hands up like we're hollow, blowin in the dust
Tell us who to follow, tell us who to trust

You bellow from the distance, rollin us to sleep
Then charge out like an army, callous from the deep
Little too honest, runnin with the whales
The scariest part is, ya hardly know we're there.

We know the way our bodies handle in the water
We know the way the water opens like a mouth
Caught in the rush and buried, beggin for an answer
Who are we now to question, watchin from the coast.

Brave the wait, as long as I'm saved
The best parts are fleeting, I'm chasing the tale
Live and I'll learn the way I know how
I'm unraveled and I'll start up now.
Track Name: Dead Give Away
Marry me, thank you, please
you tell me all the things you need
then you blame one war
blame it all and never call me back to talk.
Weathervane, spin again and indicate a thunderstorm
And when it starts
I'll disappear for real this time.

I'm all in when you're tryin to push me out
and all I hear is here is what is what is what is what is.
One last time, givin you my best sad fast
And when is stops
I'll disappear for real this time.

All hopped up on liquor drinks,
See I just don't know when to stop,
So I made myself into a hologram
and I'll leave out what I want
Mind or my mouth for makin this last
I'm comin on strong
Dead give away, I can't say I don't want you in my arms.

Infrared, you magic man
Blowin my cover the best you can
Head on a plate
now, we don't fight
Cause I'm gonna get you back tonight.
Both my legs pulled over a post
catch my breath and I slowly go
Over the edge and out of my mind
cause I'm gonna get you back tonight...
Track Name: Black Hole
I can give away my clothes
Put em in a bag on the side of the road
but where does everyone go?

I can wake up really late
Load another bus and fire away
but where does everyone go?

Black hole!

I can give away my shoes
Buried in a box with a cardboard roof
and think about you always...

I shout out, just because
Wake up you idiot!
I'm caught between a hard place

And a black hole!

Lay your marks
Make a deal with god
Fly out in the dark
Visit me when I'm sleeping
Tell me where you are.
Track Name: Honey
Turn around a head for home
Keep my eyes on the nicest ones
I've been misunderstood
Cause it's all true

Heaven knows I don't listen much
Can't decide on what to touch
But I'll pull through
Cause I love you

Cold ride home on the back of a bus
Is punishment enough
Losin brings out the worst in me
but I'll do what I must.

Your sweet little voice on the telephone
Is tellin me I done somethin wrong
I'm a liar, such a cheater

So I'm not gonna break my promises
Gonna get to know the backs of your hands
Like I know, and like you know mine.
Track Name: Sheriff
Think back, try your best to give me credit
I've been lonely picking up the slack
Loose threads fly out from the seams of my sweater
But I look good for gettin thru a bear attack

Oh, I've got hundreds of reason in my head
for why we need each other.

Hold hands with all the girls I don't resemble
They'll love thinkin that they have a chance
I've been hard to reach for quite a while now
Who's got time to mess around with that?

Oh, I've got hundreds of reasons in my head
for why we need each other.

Down from a white horse
In hail, sleet and rain
My man's the sheriff
And you're in the way.
Track Name: 4X4
Over river water
Rocky mountain
Son and daughter

Mind our tire tracks
smokin rifle on my back.

We start and end the sunlight
We're still workin thru the winter
and I crack by January
I go crazy, I get scary

I remember you!
Must I be the one to lose?
Arm and arm thru the woods we go
Must I be the last to know,
It's over...

Howlin from the windows
of your 4x4 truck
Screamin bloody murder
When we're stuck in the mud.

We spark up in the mornin
We blow away at night
Aiming for the ceiling
Shootin arrows from our eyes
Spinnin old music
Step one, step to the right
Come on, dance now with me honey
I'll be leavin soon enough
Track Name: Sweetheart
Sweetheart, I can be black and white
Sweetheart, see a bit of wimp in your eye
But I like you anyway
and I never thought I'd smile again.

I'm lonely enough!
I have to keep the radio on
I'm fallin in love
With absolutely everyone.

Darlin, you're shyer than I like
But I don't mind
You keep me up all night
and I never leave the country
Maybe cause I love you honey!

I'm lonely enough,
I have to keep the radio on
I'm fallin in love
With absolutely everyone
One word and I'll break
There's only so much kindness I can take
Before it's crippling...
Track Name: Slow Dance
Evening comes once a day
I hold my breath for the clock to change
Brush my hair so it looks like I put it up real nice
For dinnertime

Kick off your shoes and shut the door
What did you think this dress was for?
Waited all day for your company
Honey, come in, slow dance with me.

Was it the hardest day you ever had?
Always harder then the last
Body ache for a belly laugh,
A girl like me and a whiskey glass

Lean on me when the jar gets low
There's a hell of a lot we can't afford
But we got David Allan Coe
And we'll dance around the country store

Sure, I got things I can't deny
Too fired up, got a wandering eye
There's a few moves I do get right
I'm tough as nails and I swing some nice.
Track Name: Mountie Mountie
Blue and black are my hollow hands
As the sun goes down in my room again

Silent night, will she sleep all right
Stars, a light, from the street outside

Ride that horse clear thru the snow
Mountie, Mountie, let me go
Bee without her sweet honey
She don't believe in anything.

On and off when we're miles apart
We both know the draw
We don't have to talk.
Track Name: To Be Patient
You're made of the trickest things
I can't make sense of it
I hide cause the fall, I find
Gets too familiar

And I know to mind my manners
And try my best to be patient.

Nomad, unfortunate red
I'm home slowly sinkin
I feel we aint finished yet
but who knows what you're thinkin

And I hate to mind my manners
but I still try to be patient

This new one I'm seein
Calls me names not worth repeatin
and I'd give my whole right arm
To see you take him to cleaners
Track Name: Young Men
I owned up to my boyfriend
Things have gotten over thought
Snow came down like a curtain
Broke my arms underneath it all

He threw me on the back seat
Plowed the roads till it got dark
I fell asleep in my limbless clothes
Caught a cold from his icy heart

Raise a glass for all young men
They fight till they fall apart
Turn around and they're gone again
For the love of another one

Cut throats came with a shot gun
Stared us down thru a scope eye
They called for a hostage
They called us on to die

You ran off for the bushes
Pulled for my lifeless arms
While I drove on with them outlaws
Screamin "oh, I've given up"

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